What is this? Does it even exist? How does one achieve it? There seems to be a lot of contraversary around this subject. Being a mother of four, a wife, having a full time corporate career, moving full steam ahead in completing my masters degree, coupled with opening, operating and managing my soon to open bakery. Woo-Wee I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Many have asked, how do I manage to do all that I do? Well let me just say it tough, exhausting, but at the same time very rewarding.

The only way I can utter the words rewarding in what can be so hectic is trying to create a work life balance. I still have yet to master it, but I’m making strides. Family time is very important to me. Spending time with my grand-daughter is paramount, having a circle of friends that I trust, even though we do not get to see each other as much as we’d like to, as we all have things and priorities in life that maintain our attention, but its something rewarding about just picking up the phone, having some laughs, catching up and boosting each on, that I find rewarding.

Not only does it take me away from what I’m doing, which is sometimes very much needed, but it allows me to connect with things that mean something to me. I’ve learned that its the little things in life that keep me balanced. Some think you have to have more hours in a day to find time and spin off and have a little fun. Some days for me that consist of pulling over into a quite parking lot, closing my eyes, practicing deep breathing and just letting my mind wonder to a happy place.

I remember having to have a MRI. We all know those who have issues with being in confined spaces this can be tough or even undoable. While I wouldn’t consider myself being claustrophobic, I don’t like feeling like I’m not in control and not having a way out. While having this procedure all I could think about was how can I get out of this thing while the scan was being done if I needed to. I couldn’t humanly lift the device off of me right?, I couldn’t just sit up and climb out right?, If I wanted out I’d literally have to slide myself all the way down the tunnel to be released.

While all of this was going on, I felt anxiety coming on. I had to decide if I was going to allow this anxiety to overtake me, or find a way to escape and relax. I did just as I mentioned above. I closed my eyes, practiced deep breathing, went to a happy place which happened to be my honeymoon in DR (2015). I allowed myself to feel the sun on my skin, hear the crashes of the waves, feel the san between my toes as my husband caressed my hand.

Before I knew it the tech had entered the room and advised the scan was done. It became very clear to me that we have everything we need inside of us, if we just tap into it. We don’t need 5 extra hours in a day. Make the most of the time given to you. Respect it, allow it to make room for you, enjoy it, put some things off it you need to, spend time with the ones you love and those who love you.

Time can not be given back, but easily taken away. So create the life you desire, achieve your dreams, while creating balance.. Remember balance will not look the same for everyone. For some it could be simply just sitting in a quiet place meditating. for some it could be going on a scheduled date night with your spouse, for some it could be soaking in a hot tub while sipping on a glass of wine, and for some it could be taking quarterly vacations somewhere. Whatever it is for you, know you deserve it and demand that it be a part of your day, week and years. Balance does exist, sometimes we just have to create it!!

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