Have you ever dreamed or prayed about starting your own business? Either the opportunity has presented itself or you’ve gained confirmation from God that the time is now but you let fear set in and hold you back? Maybe that fear is lack of knowledge, resources, self discipline, etc. No matter what the reason just know that fear is crippling. It will cause you to look back over your life and keep you in the same place. Don’t let it keep you from moving forward.

Let go of the fear and show up! Nike said it best: “Just Do It”. Because when you make the decision to just do it God and the universe will make provision for you. Don’t be the thing that halts God’s plan for your life. He wants us all to succeed, he wants us all to be blessed and to bless others.

Keep in mind it doesn’t always take a lot to start. Figure out what your talent and your calling is, then create your own destiny. We all have a talent and calling. Many may find it difficult to understand what each of these are so let others help you. Let ME help YOU! Talent is the thing that allows you to have a wonderful career and to be able to take care of yourself and/or your family. But your calling…well, that is what you were MADE for.

Before I became the Cupcake Queen, my talent of working as a healthcare provider showed me my calling and created a path to be able to serve others. Now, I get to wake up everyday blessed to fulfill my calling of serving others in a different way…through my baked goods and by inspiring others to reach for the stars! When you uncover what your talent and calling are, just show up and get started. Even if that means finding someone who you admire in your industry and gathering inspiration from (not copying) what they’re doing. From that alone you’ll uncover your own unique style and BOOM you’re on your way to greatness!

I hope this has blessed and encouraged you to take a chance on yourself and “just do it”. Remember, the minute that you tell yourself, “I’m not smart enough, I don’t have what it takes, I don’t know the right people…”, guess what? You will have a harder time achieving what is in your heart and what you are destined for. BUT the moment you tell yourself “I have what it takes, I’m smart, I’m talented…”, God will connect you to the right people and make a way for you and your dreams.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader and know that’s okay. Get up every morning and create a mantra. Speak words of affirmation to yourself until you see them being manifested. Allow me to start you off with a few to get you moving in the right direction.

Repeat after me: “I am talented. I am prosperous. I am smart. I am valuable. I have what it takes. I am victorious!”

If doubt starts to set in, do it all over again!

Like many things in life, the more you do something the easier it gets and the better you become at it. Others will see change even when you may not see it yet and make no mistake, those results will start to manifest. Remember words have power and the words you speak over your life will be the very thing manifested IN your life.

Now, go baby go! And always know I’m here should you ever need someone to push you to the next level. Stay blessed.

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