Careers at TCQ

  • Bake and decorate all baked goods, and have the bakery open and display case stocked
    and video uploaded to social media by 10 am
  • Post video to all social platforms
  • Adhere to the master flavor guide. Any changes made must be approved before
  • Arrange the display case in an appealing manner
  • Ensure all baked goods are completed on time for opening
  • Develop and create new decorating ideas (its ok to be creative)
  • Maintain cleanliness and sanitize baking utensils, tools and machinery (follow the
    opening and closing routine guide)
  • Adhere to food safety laws and standards (apron, gloves etc)
  • Prepare all batters and frostings
  • Keep adequate batters and frostings on hand at all times to keep production moving
  • Maintain cleanliness of all equipment to include (mixers, oven, dishes and all baking
  • Discard of old and outdated items in fridge
  • Maintain, clean/wipe down the oven after each use or at the beginning of your shift in the
    event the oven is still hot upon the end of your shift
  • Alert owners of low supplies for re-ordering
  • Accurately record on the par tracking sheet daily
  • Keep a accurate grocery list to assure timely reorder
  • Greet all customers cheerfully and provide them with prompt and courteous customer
    service and assistance
  • Notify customers of daily specials, cupcake of the day etc.
  • Energetically sell products and provide customers with through product information
    needed to make product related decisions.
  • Effectively be able to problem solve
  • Ring customers purchase on the POS and process credit card and cash payments.
  • Accurately log cash sales on log
  • Answer phone calls, accurately take and fill orders for/from customers.
  • Finish products such as adding sprinkles, gummies etc to cupcakes upon request from
  • Update delivery tablets daily
  • Package and label products
  • Maintain and refill bakery trays and display case
  • Maintain proper hygiene by always handling products with gloves
  • Unload, restock and organize supplies
  • Assist in keeping the store clean and tidy at all times ie: floors, counters, cold/dry display
    cases, front door inside/out to include restroom
  • Assist in other duties as assigned
  • Notify owners or other designated personnel of low inventory and excess spoilage
  • Keep point of sale updated with current items
  • Do periodic checks to assure appearance and quality of the products are in tact
  • Complete all tasks assigned to the production list
  • Cheerfully make customer call backs every Tuesday, document and advise owner of any
    customer complaints/concerns
  • Enter new emails into POS system

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