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The Cupcake Queen, LLC is founded and operated by me and my amazing family. Being surrounded by good eats as a child, as well as through adulthood, my mother, Pauline Thorpe, was always sure to have a wholesome meal and sweet treats to top things off. Mom used only the freshest, finest ingredients along with a healthy dose of her love to warm the hearts and taste buds of her family. The Cupcake Queen takes those same values in assuring that our treats meet the expectations of all our customers.​

In March of 2011, I sadly lost my mother Pauline. Feeling a void and emptiness, and on a whim, I decided to get in the kitchen and bake some treats for my family. That void I felt from her loss turned into comfort as I could hear the whisper of her voice saying “You’ve got too much of this. You need a little more of that.” and from those few words I felt connected to my mom again. From that moment on I knew I needed to continue her legacy by warming the hearts and taste buds of many just as she did. The next week I signed up for a Wilton Cake Decorating class and The Cupcake Queen, LLC was born.

warming the hearts
& taste buds of many

We believe that the true essence of anything starts with
a good foundation - ingredients

We’ve tried it many ways and have uncovered that skimping does not yield the same results. We are proud to say that using a good combination of fine ingredients, patience and love for our customers, we’ve mastered a mouthwatering treat that is sure to knock your socks off!

We thank you for allowing us into your home to warm your hearts and taste buds with our scrumptious treats. We would like to be your go-to bakery for many years to come. Enjoy all that we have to offer and be sure to come back for more! We are here for you, so please know your feedback and ideas are very much welcomed. Until next time…