Tara Smith

A Speaker, Entrepreneur
Small Business Motivator, & Mentor

Tara Smith is the founder and owner of The Cupcake Queen brand, as well as a speaker helping entrepreneurs and small business owners skip the learning curve and grow their businesses. She’s a passionate life-long teacher and the go to person when it comes to networking, entrepreneurship and small business ownership. Using speaking as a way to share her experiences and expertise to teach others, this mompreneur launched and grew her business with little knowledge of owning a business but having the heart to learn all she could. Tara helps people come together and get out of that place of isolation as a business owner, taking away the struggle of doing it alone. She helps entrepreneurs expand their business community and gain powerful resources which allow them to grow their businesses more efficiently, effectively, and strategically. 

“Building a business does not have to be an isolated venture. Instead, join our community and make it an awesome adventure!”

Tara will show you how to:


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